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Discover Picasso,  Miró, Dalí 

  • On Show : selection of Picasso, Miró and Dalí works  

  • Language : EN | FR | IT

  • Specifications : here

An artistic trio  

The contribution of Spanish artists to the development of modern and contemporary art is huge.  The exhibition collects works made by the three artists who have traced such a magnificent journey. From Picasso, a genius of the twentieth century par excellence, up to the artistic paths of two other pillars like Miró and Dalí. The exhibition tells one of the most extraordinary chapters of all the history of art in the West.

Pablo Picasso 

Picasso is not only the most important modern Spanish artist but he is the most influential and prolific artist of the whole 900s. It can be said that the last century has all the colors and shapes of Picasso, while his genius brought him to a journey that lasted over seventy years and which saw him experimenting with every means of expression: from painting to sculpture, from drawing to ceramics to all engraving techniques.  Each of these means in Picasso’s hands has not simply transited but has been extended into possibilities or completely revolutionized. 

Joan Mirò 

Joan Miró goes through the twentieth century with almost seventy years of incessant creations, leaving on the past century an unmistakable and universally recognized sign. One of the most important exponents of the Surrealist movement, he expresses his genius in painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, ceramics but also in monumental works and writings. His poetics is a constant reflection on the potential of language while his style is very personal, characterized by biomorphic, stylized elements, placed in a flat space. The Spanish master transforms reality into a dream world. 

Salvador Dalì

A prominent exponent of Surrealism, Salvador Dalí has been much more than this: painter, draftsman, engraver, sculptor but also writer, set designer and designer, is one of the clearest and most recognizable expressions of the artistic genius of the twentieth century. Between the first famous painting, performed in 1910 at six years old, and his last work finished in 1983, the Spanish artist gives life to a universe where the dreamlike, the bizarre, the suggestive and the symbolic mix incessantly. 

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Families and children aged 10 and above

  • LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian (consult us about the possibility of adaptations in other languages).

  • SURFACE AREA:  600 sq. m     


  • ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible for all kinds of disability.


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