• PUBLIC: The exhibition is open to all the spectators: school, cultural and social associations, family and individual. The variety of devices allows multiple levels of content reading.  ​  

  • LANGUAGE: The exhibition is available in french, english and dutch and can presented in a trilingual, bilingual or unilingual version.  ​  

  • CONTENT: 24 original artefacts (owned by the Museum of Europe) 160 facsimiles (owned by The Museum of Europe) +100 original artefacts from different european museums (loan request necessary), contemporary artworks (option available to get a selection of 20 artworks), 3 animated maps, 12 historical testimonies.    

  • EXHIBITION SPACE : from 900 to 1500 m2

    «Europe and its Muslim legacies» is a civilization exihibition offering a general approach from a european perspective. However, the exhibition can be fully adapted to specific characteristics:  


    • Profile of the hosting venue  

    • Venue Layout  

    • Languages  

    • Artworks and artefacts chosen to promote local or national collections  

    • Content adaptation and focus on specific topics

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