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The wonderful world of colours

  • On Show : 33 etchings and aquatints 

  • Language : EN | IT

  • Specifications : here

A multi-media genius 

The century-long dreamlike world of Joan Miró, was embued with a secret language, second nature to the man who made his mark in the cosmos.  


A multi-media genius whose prolific output made him one of the greatest artists of all time, exploring new techniques from copper plate to stone lithography with passion and curiosity.  


Vibrant colours in pools and cross-hatched lines or absent marks. Joan Miró's work celebrated life with the landscapes from Palma de Mallorca, to his years in Paris with endless tributes interweaving memories of past and present. In a history of Miró's work with each new piece developed transforming mere tales and spreading across the 20's century, in pieces on canvas, leaf, and plates to offer the livre d'artiste.


This exhibition shows over 100 works taken from Miró's life. Cantic del Sol, where colour, earth and sky meet San Francesco Lapidari, showing his fabulous stonework, the puppets for Ubu Roi. The Maravillias by Alberti where each variation brings forth the vital energy propelling words and bold strokes, and Le Lezard aux plumes d'or, the artist's cycle of illustrations melded with poetry. 

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Families and children aged 10 and above

  • LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian (consult us about the possibility of adaptations in other languages).

  • SURFACE AREA:  600 sq. m     


  • ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible for all kinds of disability.


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