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Degas danse dessin

  • On Show : 26 etchings 

  • Language : EN | IT

  • Specifications : here

The soul of an elegant and romantic Paris  

Born in Paris and into a wealthy family: Degas has all the credentials to enter the artistic establishment of the time but he renounces with the choices dictated by pride and a pinch of contempt.


He has been an impressionist since the dawn, remarking the difference between himself and his colleagues. A "theatrical" painter par excellence, refined interpreter of the dance world, Degas carries out a deep revolution in the manner of portraying the scene. In fact, the artist abandons the frontal point of view to adopt oblique perspectives, decentralized points of view. What happens on the stage becomes a given accessory. In the works of Degas relives the soul of an elegant and romantic Paris, with a snobby and decadent soul.


Degas loved portraying female subjects: especially dancers. He thought that dance was the purest expression of the movement and that the movement could be studied only through the analysis of the gestures of the dancers. His works show us testimonies of reality, as if Degas had faithfully reproduced a scene, as in a photograph. In reality the painter portrayed the models in his atelier, individually, and then united the subjects in a unique work. He said: "No art is less spontaneous than mine". The exhibition illustrates Degas's studies on movement and dance, masterfully synthesized in the Danse dessin series. 

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Families and children aged 10 and above

  • LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian (consult us about the possibility of adaptations in other languages).

  • SURFACE AREA:  600 sq. m     


  • ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible for all kinds of disability.


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