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The magic of colour

  • On Show : set of 24 colour lithographs  

  • Language : EN | IT

  • Specifications : here

A search for harmony  

Marc Chagall transformed life into art. Where existence wandered through multitudes of languages & landscapes.  


Artist-poet, a nomad telling of tales, taking up the challenge transforming his life story into works of art and invention with stories of another world unlike any other in art.  


Chagall's polyphonic use of sources and daring search for harmony, lent a vibrant feel to the patchwork between past and future, interweaving the flow of threads that tie together the uniquely subtle distortions like ready-made pieces set in motion against the fantastical laws of gravity and creation.  


The exhibition of florid displays of colour, takes visitors on a unique journey through over 60 works of art). Poèmes is an extraordinary set of works both in terms of quality and use of colour. Here the artist blends together both collage and woodcuts.  


In the lithographs for his Story of Exodus the extraordinarily human rendition of the bible takes shape, whereas in his Litographe he seems to take more intimate approach with each stroke of his secret language. 

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Families and children aged 10 and above

  • LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian (consult us about the possibility of adaptations in other languages).

  • SURFACE AREA:  600 sq. m     


  • ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible for all kinds of disability.


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