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Enter the artist’s world

  • When: 6th October 2018 - 27th January 2019

  • Specifications : here

Caravaggio Beyond the Canvas
Caravaggio Beyond the Canvas is a theatrical, cinematic, narrative experience into Caravaggio’s life.

Change perspective, see Caravaggio from a new point of view:

- from his Art to his Life

- from the Paintings to the Painter


Thrill: through the eyes and from the stories of his friends, relatives, lovers and enemies.

Feel: his passions and his pain, his disappointment and his success, his rage and his satisfactions, his arrogance and his generosity.

Pierce: the secrets of his works.

Four crucial moments of his life will be displayed across four rooms, immersing the visitor into the world, the emotions, the tragedies, and the life of Caravaggio.

Over a 45-minute experience, visitors will enter the artist’s world through theatrical reconstruction, narrations, video projections, and sensorial elements.

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  • PUBLIC:  
    The exhibition is open to all the spectators: school, cultural and social associations, family and individual. The variety of devices allows multiple levels of content reading.  ​  


    The exhibition is available in italian and english.


  • CONTENT:    
    ROOM 1 | Caravaggio, The Early Years
    ROOM 2 | FAME and fortune
    ROOM 3 | into the shadows
    ROOM 4 | the final journey 


    400 sqm (approx 4300 sq ft) up 600 sqm

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